Seven Energy’s portfolio of upstream oil and gas interests are located in relatively secure locations in two geographic areas of the Niger Delta (south east Niger Delta and north west Niger Delta) and a recently acquired undeveloped asset in the Anambra Basin.

For an overview of our upstream assets, please click the link below.

Upstream asset overview

South east Niger Delta

The south east Niger Delta is in close proximity to areas where there is anticipated to be significant demand for gas from existing or planned power stations and other industrial offtakers, in areas such as Ikot Abasi, Calabar, Uyo, Aba and Port Harcourt.  In addition, ExxonMobil has an export terminal at Qua Iboe.  In the south east Niger Delta, Seven Energy has interests in the Uquo Field and the Stubb Creek Field. 

For an overview of our south east Niger Delta assets, please click the link below.

South east Niger Delta assets

North west Niger Delta

The north west Niger Delta is characterised by mature oil and gas fields, with significant additional discovered but undeveloped gas reserves.  The north west Niger Delta has established infrastructure giving, with respect to gas, access to major demand centres including Lagos, Benin City and Ajaokuta via the gas trunk line from Oben and, with respect to oil, access to major oil pipelines providing easy access to the export markets, including Shell’s Forcados export terminal.

In the north west Niger Delta, Seven Energy has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with NPDC in respect of OMLs 4, 38 and 41.  The Group also has an interest in the Matsogo Field, which is currently held for sale.

Anambra Basin

The Anambra Basin is located to the north of the Niger Delta region.  There is no established infrastructure in the area, but demand has been identified for LNG and compressed natural gas.

In the Anambra Basin, Seven Energy has a interest in OPL 905. 

Set out below is an overview of the Group’s interests in the north west Niger Delta and the Anambra Basin.

North west Niger Delta and Anambra Basin