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Stakeholder relations

Stakeholder relations

Sustaining cordial and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders and making progress in partnership with our host communities is our focus at Seven Energy. 

At Seven Energy, we are committed to managing our business with integrity and we believe that maintaining a strong and ethical culture in all aspects of our business is key to executing our strategy.

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Seven Energy’s on-going stakeholder engagement processes continued this year with stakeholder identification and mapping exercises carried out across all Seven Energy’s footprint communities in both Akwa Ibom and Cross River States in accordance with our guidelines. As a direct result of this, our cordial and mutually beneficial relationship was sustained with all our stakeholders.

Along with our business partners, the communities' abilities to embrace a culture of safety has been addressed effectively in a radio campaign across six networks.  

The issue of how to engage communities, gain their trust and bring them round take ownership of development project alongside their own development has been a longstanding challenge to the extractive industries.

At Seven Energy, this year brought into being an innovative approach to combining these genuine needs of the community with the added bonus of providing a valuable service to the organisation. In a bid to ensure that our gas pipeline and associated Right of Way (“RoW”) are safe, accessible and kept clear and clean, the Green Team Initiative was launched in June 2015. The Green Team are a group of individuals employed by Seven Energy to maintain the RoW in every aspect – keeping it clear and also providing vital feedback on any potential faults or threats to its integrity. 

Working hand in hand with our communities’ means we have a deep understanding of the most effective ways of reaching them with vital information. We are committed to the safety of both the environment and people. To ensure this was achieved and sustained in 2015, sensitisation and safety awareness programmes were carried out across all our footprint communities cutting across the Uquo - Ikot Abasi and EHGC gas pipelines in both Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. 


Sustainability Report 2015

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