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Quality management

Quality management

Aligning with international and national standards of regulation and promoting the importance of properly established and managed quality assurance and control systems.

At Seven Energy, we promote the importance of a properly established and managed quality assurance and quality control systems with the associated standard operating procedures. 

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Our Quality Management System (“QMS”), which has been developed and implemented over the last 2 years, is based upon the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and has established the fundamentals for all our management systems. The adoption of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (“PDCA”) principle within the QMS has helped to achieve alignment with almost all international and national standards and regulations and with the various facets of our management systems, including asset integrity.

The QMS has also proved to be an important tool for managing asset integrity within our operations through the system’s effective implementation. The QMS has ensured compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

Implementation of the QMS has also enabled our organisation to achieve the goals and objectives set out in its policies and strategies. It has provided consistency and satisfaction in terms of methods, materials, equipment, etc, and has interacted with all activities of the organisation, commencing with the identification of customer requirements and concluding with their satisfaction, at every interface.

The QMS and supporting procedures have been utilised on our OCTGP project to good effect, enabling Quality Control (“QC”) members of the various Project Management Teams (“PMT”) and operational units to ensure control of the contractors and sub-contractors utilised and also compliance with specifications and procedures and other requirements of the international, national standards and regulations the company is committed to adhering to.


Sustainability Report 2015

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