Seven Energy is a leading Nigerian integrated gas company



We are focused on developing our organisational capabilities to foster and retain the best talent and to create an environment of respect and openness in our workplace in line with our core values.

Our people are at the core of our business and ensuring that Seven Energy is a workplace of choice for our employees and contractors is a priority for us. It results in a commitment from our team to serve all of our stakeholders responsibly.

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Our desire at Seven Energy is to continue to develop our organisational capabilities to foster and retain the best talent. Furthermore, we ensure a safe and healthy work environment and we communicate policies that treat our employees with dignity and equality. 

During 2015, our key priorities were to continue with our employee engagement programs, develop a career management framework and ensure a motivated workforce despite the challenging times ahead for the industry. These objectives were achieved.

There were improvements in our employee engagement programs, recognition programs and our performance appraisal process. The company organised technical and soft skills training for its staff and supervisors, based on identified learning gaps. The career management

framework was developed to provide vertical and horizontal progression opportunities for employees and also allow employees remain challenged through a full career with Seven Energy.

In line with our core values of respect and openness, we put in place several mechanisms to make it easy for staff to report issues or grievances that they may have. These include score cards, employee forums and an anonymous suggestion box.