Seven Energy is a leading Nigerian integrated gas company

Local content

Local content

Seven Energy is an organisation that is actively involved in developing individuals and by extension communities within its footprint of operations and beyond.

Actively involved in developing individuals through contracts and procurement, training and skills development.

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With Seven Energy sustained approach to long term value, the company maintained its conscious efforts towards the retention of benefits in our areas of operation at the federal, state, local government and community levels through our development activities in gas infrastructure across the south east of Nigeria.

While internal grassroots vendor development started in 2013 with the intention to expose the local organisations to global practices, during 2015 we implemented processes to measure our local content efforts in relation to capital projects, procurement, and contract execution strategies in the following areas:

  • Work force development,
  • Suppliers/vendors development,
  • Training and skills development and,
  • Community development.

Seven Energy is known in the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (“NCDMB”) as the only company among the independent and marginal field operators in Nigeria to align with the Human Capacity Development (“HCD”) Guideline of the NCDMB through its projects related skills development program. This is no small feat among the vast array of competitors that we have. We are an active and involved part of the NCDMB committee and play a valuable role in developing practical processes to implement to local content laws.  


Sustainability Report 2015

(PDF 1.8MB)