Seven Energy is a leading Nigerian integrated gas company



Adequate controls are embedded in our business processes and systems to ensure transparency and we follow rigorous policies and procedures  relating to contracts and procurement.

Due diligence procedures when entering into new agreements with either new or existing agents ensures a high level of compliance.  
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An Automated Travel System has been set up within the organisation and marks a major milestone in our drive to ensure transparency within every aspect of our operations and reporting. The system controls expenses for travel, procurement and entertainment and requires a pre- approval by the individual staff member’s supervisor before and expense can be signed off on. The database is up and running ensures that any item can be queried within a short time.

The automated system for procurement ensures that vendor due diligence is done, with checks against OECD and EFCC sanctions lists, where relevant. The system can also be checked easily by our regulators (in particular the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR).

Our staff continue to comply with the company's anti-corruption policy, which requires an annual certification by employees and representatives confirming their understanding of the anti-bribery requirements of the UKBA and FCPA. They also make a statement as to whether they have received or given any bribes in the course of their duties or if they are aware of any corrupt practices.


Sustainability Report 2015

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