Seven Energy is a leading Nigerian integrated gas company

Asset protection and transportation

Asset protection and transportation

Maintaining a safe and secure working environment and the protection of our assets, including personnel, facilities, pipeline infrastructure and property remains our top priority.

We work to maintain a safe and secure working environment for our employees, contractors, subcontractors, partners and all local stakeholders, including indigenous community groups. 

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In 2015 we embarked on the biggest security challenge to date by mobilizing substantial project resources to construct a 32 kilometre gas pipeline between Oron and Creek Town near Calabar. This meant that we had to negotiate and secure multiple jungle and swamp locations, as well as several significant river crossings and deal with the added security challenges presented by conducting maritime security operations in shipping lanes. Even though the environment was challenging and not without incident over the project construction phase, we successfully concluded 2015 having recorded no serious injuries to any of our project personnel.

During 2015, we continued to patrol our expanding pipeline network (which, will increase from a current figure of ca. 230 km to ca. 260 km during 2016) and in doing so, continued to interact and engage with our host communities to develop our intelligence network. Numerous encroachment cases where identified by the pipeline patrol team in collaboration with our CSR team and our communities and those issues were escalated to a resolution point.

Seven Energy has also successfully secured all company personnel whilst conducting road journeys, utilizing an average of 108 vehicles per day and covering thousands of miles each day. All facilities, offices and equipment were secured again, recording no serious security incidents throughout 2015. 


Sustainability Report 2015

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