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Seven Energy provides a compliance helpline for the giving of information about potential illegal and/or underhanded practices i.e. wrong doing. Have you experienced or observed any unethical or unprofessional conduct on the part of any of our staff? Please let us know.

Seven Energy has provided this website for you to report concerns securely and confidentially. Your willingness to come forward is important to us.

Make a Report Online >>

Alternatively, you can make a report by phone. From United Kingdom, dial 0808 234 9991 and from Nigeria, dial 01 2770699. Calls are toll-free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This reporting service may be used to report issues relating to internal controls in the areas of finance, accounting, banking and anti-corruption only. When reporting an issue, we strongly encourage you to identify yourself and to provide as much detail as possible regarding your concern. Your privacy will be maintained in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Any reports will be dealt with as quickly as possible and with utmost confidentiality. The system will prepare a report and forward it on to the appropriate person in our organisation for review and, if necessary, investigation. You may provide your name and contact information if you wish, but in most cases it is not necessary.

If your concern regards an area other than outlined above, please contact local management.