Seven Energy


Seven Energy has a track record of entering into successful partnerships and other working relationships. Our key working partners include the following:

Nigerian Petroleum Development Company ('NPDC')

In 2010, Seven Energy entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with NPDC to provide technical support and development funding for NPDC's interests in OMLs 4, 38 and 41.


Seven Energy has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Petrofac, the FTSE 100 engineering services company, for provision of technical services and project management services by Petrofac to Seven Energy. The agreement also provides for an arrangement between Petrofac and Seven Energy in relation to co-investment opportunities in Nigeria.  Petrofac is represented on the Board and on committees of the Board.


In 2010, the Seven Energy group acquired a 62.5% shareholding in Universal, the operator of the Stubb Creek Field. Sinopec, the Chinese national petroleum company, is Universal's joint venture partner in the Stubb Creek Field.

Frontier Oil

Seven Energy's joint venture partner in Uquo Field is Frontier Oil which is an indigenously owned Nigerian exploration and production company formed in 2001. Frontier was awarded the Uquo Field in February 2003 by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) as part of the Federal Government of Nigeria's Marginal Field programme.

Akwa Ibom State

Seven Energy is working with Akwa Ibom State in south east Nigeria to assist in the creation of a reliable supply of gas for power generation in the region. This gas is required to meet soaring demand associated with the growth of power production and industrialisation in the region. The first phase of this regional programme was the construction of a 62 km 18-inch pipeline to supply gas from the Uquo Field to the Akwa Ibom state-owned Ibom Power station at Ikot Abasi and was completed in 2011.