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Core values


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Seven Energy's Core Values are principles that guide our internal conduct as well as our relationships with the world outside Seven Energy. Our core values embody the warm welcome that Nigerians are known for giving visitors and friends: “You are welcome”.

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We respect all people

At Seven Energy, we treat each other with respect, politeness and courtesy. Our projects and operations are undertaken with respect for all people and with the aim of delivering benefits and value to Nigeria, our local host communities and our shareholders.

Environment & Safety

Protection of the environment and ensuring the safety of our staff, our contractors and the local host communities where we operate are of utmost importance to us at all times.


We lead by example, being accountable and taking responsibility for our behaviour, products, services and achievements. Our reputation means everything to us.


Innovation and creativity are highly prized at Seven Energy and we view innovation as the key to remaining at the forefront of the development of Nigeria's vast gas resources for the benefit of all. We endeavour to work creatively to find solutions to any problem.


Transparency and strict compliance with our policies and procedures, which are founded on internationally-recognised principles of excellence, is a condition of employment with Seven Energy. We are open and honest with all our business dealings.


We are highly motivated to succeed. Our motivation ensures we go the extra mile to achieve win-win scenarios for us all.


In our operations, we continuously strive to achieve excellence. Excellence is our standard and is rewarded.


Seven Energy Core Values

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